As some of you might know, I used to work in a waist recycling plant.
I say used to. It’s hard to believe but I loved my job, standing in front of a conveyor belt, picking recyclable materials out of household rubbish and putting them into separate skips.

That was until the night I was working in the pre sort area of the plant.
My job was to pull all of the large pieces of waist off the belt, so that the pickers further down the line could fine pick the smaller stuff.

I was on night shift that night and luckily my friend, let’s call him Darren, was working on the same belt as me.

It was a normal, nothing special night. I can remember, we were getting our arses kicked by huge amounts of cardboard coming down the line.

At about three in the morning, everything changed.

I had just pulled a huge bail of cardboard off the belt, and turned to see Darren reach out to grab a large old looking bag.

Pulling it off the belt, he opened the bag, and turned it upside down to empty it.

I have no idea what happened next, it was all so fast.

I remember, Darren was complaining that something was stuck inside of the bag and after shaking the bag furiously, he put his hand in to try and pull what ever it was out.

I should tell you that Darren is, or was a big guy, not one to complain about a cut or anything like that.

So when he started screaming and shaking his hand and the bag, I knew something was wrong.

I pulled the emergency stop cord and literally jumped over the belt to help, slipping on something as I went over.

By the time I got over the belt Darren was shaking his arm furiously, shouting that something was biting his hand.

At first I thought there was a rat in the bag, being a waist recycling plant, seeing the occasional rat or having a one run down the conveyor belt is not unusual.

Grabbing the bag with both hands i pulled with all my strength and, falling backwards, I maganged to get Darren’s hand free.

At first, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

A doll had latched it’s self onto his hand, just..

One of those dolls with a porcelain style head..

It was a kids toy, but now it had a tight grip in his arm and was bitting down on the back of his hand, shaking it’s head and ripping off chunks of flesh.

I couldn’t move, shocked at what I was seeing.

Stan the shift manager, ran up the iron stairs that led to the belt.
Shouting, asking why the belt had stopped, giving his usual “time is money” speech.

The Dolls head snapped round in Stan’s direction, I swear it’s blood covered face smiled as it leaped from Darren’s arm.

Landing on the floor, it made a bee line for the shift manager, jumping onto the scaffold that surrounded the belt, it jumped again, arms outstretched, mouth open.

I picked up a shovel and swung it in the direction of the doll, but missed.

By the time I had regained my balance and had the shovel ready for my next swing, it was too late.

Stan, was on the floor, with the doll on his face, one hand in his mouth the other, holding into his nose as it tore the flesh from his cheek.

I stepped forward, not really knowing what to do to get the doll off Stans face, when Darren pushed past me, he kicked out,

The doll let out a sickening scream as his kick caught it in the head, sending it flying down the iron stairs.

I have no idea, I don’t know where the doll landed.

The plant was shut down for a few days, while the police and Health and Safety investigated, statements were taken, security cameras were checked and rechecked.

After the investigation had finished and the decision was made to keep the incident quiet, the plant was reopened and deep cleaned in an attempt to find the doll, but it was nowhere to be seen.

I have no idea what happened to Stan after that night. I handed in my notice a few days later.

Darren works as a delivery driver for some parcel firm now and me?

I cleared out and destroyed every doll in my daughter’s bedroom, and the house. I am truly sorry for that Autumn, honest I am.

Oh yes, I work from home now.

As for the doll.. it was never found, maybe it’s still out there.

I don’t know.