There are some stories that can really creep you out and make you think but, nothing is more chilling than knowing that what you have just read actually happened.

Such as some of the unsolved cases we see in the files of the Charlie Project. A database which catalogue’s people who have disappeared without a trace. The site is a great resource for modern cases, but if you look at its database chronologically, you will find cases from far earlier in the 20th century that will likely never be solved, simply because all who were involved have passed away.

One of the most unnerving cases is that of Marjorie West from McKean Country Pennsylvania, who vanished on May 8th 1938.

Marjorie West.

The West family went for an outing in the countryside one Sunday after church. This outing would change their lives for ever.

Marjorie who was only 4 at the time and her 11-year-old sister Dorothea went off to pick wildflower. At some point Dorothea went to talk to their parents, this is the point when Marjorie disappeared, from the middle of a wide-open field.

Her disappearance caused quite the stir and was covered by both local and national media, rewards were offered for any information that could lead to her return, but there was nothing. Extensive cross county police searches came up with nothing either.

She had vanished off the face of the Earth.

Given the lay of the field, this might sound like a standard-issue kidnapping story except for the fact that Marjorie’s life might well have intersected with a woman known as Georgia Tann, the woman who ran the Tennessee Children’s Home Society.

Praised for her ability to find homes for children who needed them, Tann actually abducted more than 1,200 children and then placed them with rich families in far-off states like California — often for a hefty fee.

Georgia Tann

Today, some of the victims of Tann, those who have found out that they were kidnapped as a child and sold on, regularly meet up and help eachother through what has happened.

While doing my research on this case I noticed a lot of people asking if Marjorie West was still a live, in truth, no one knows.

If Marjorie did somehow meet Tann or someone who worked with her, she could possibly, given her age today, still be alive.

If you knew, or know someone who is in their late 80’s, your Mother, grandmother, a friend, or even you.. Well, you might be Marjorie West and be totally unaware of your true identity.

Your whole life and everything about it, your childhood, everything could be, well, I will let you decide.