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The iChronicles (Part 5). First Sightings.

Ok it’s about half 5 in the morning and I need to get out of here.

The zombies have been gone for about an hour or so, yeah, I might as well say it how it is, they are walking dead, Rotters, Walkers, what ever you want to call them, its been about an hour or so since I heard anything, I don’t know. Haven’t dared move, they were poking around the outside of the house for hours..

I’m going to have to make sure that they have gone before I leave the house, don’t think I will be coming back here, thinking about it, it might be an idea to keep moving, not staying in one place too long.
First things first, I need to have a look round the house to see if I can find anything of use, don’t think I will be checking out the shed though, just in case.

I want to see what the neighborhood looks like from up stairs as well.

Make sure that it is safe out there.

Ok, let’s have a look in these draws..

Sweet batteries.
Ok.. what else is there?

Ok, I managed to get some batteries and a tin opener, yeah, rich pickings.

I managed to have a look out the window, the neighborhood is in ruins, there is probably only one or two houses that look untouched, there is a built up area about a mile or so down the road to my right, looks like that’s where I’m going to be heading.

Shit, there’s one of those things out there.. shhh.
There’s another.
Ok, right, there are three of them,

Just moving down the street, or what’s left of it.

Go on, keep moving…

They’re out of sight now, that was too close.

I’m going to have a look outside, see if it’s safe for me to get out of here.

I took a good out the window before I came out and everything seems quite, the zombie things have gone,

If I can get into town, I should have a lot more places to hide until I get my things together.
It looked like it was only a Mile or so away, at least half a dozen or so blocks so I should be able to get there if I run it.

Ok, here goes nothing…

The iChronicles (part 3) Ghost Towns

I think I was only driving for about 30 minutes when i saw my first sign of what was civilization.
There were plumes of black smoke rising into the air turning what was a blue summer sky into a dark mass of grey clouds.

I pulled up just and just sat, looking, the street I had parked on was impassable, in any vehicle. The houses and buildings which lined the streets looked like, nothing more than empty shells, blood smears on the windows where people had tried to get away from those things, people’s possessions scattered throughout the street, burning cars had been overturned and the smell.

I had only once before smelled what I was smelling and that was when I was called to report on a road traffic accident on the outskirts of London.

Once you smell it you never forget the smell of burning flesh.

I have to admit that at this point the last thing I wanted to do was get off the coach and start walking through the apocalyptic landscape that stretched out in front of me.

But, once I was sure I was safe i took the keys out of the ignition and got off the coach, walking round to the back I opened the coach suitcase hold and started to look through the cases to see if I could find anything that would help me on my journey.

I have to admit, Looking through the suitcases of the passengers I had shared the bus with did make me feel dirty and well like some kind of low life leech as I pawed through their holiday belongings hoping to find anything that would make my life that bit easier. I had to remind myself that things had changed and it was survival now.

I didn’t find much that I could use in the suitcase hold, so packed a few things, mainly food in a small backpack I had found and, pulling it on my back, I took a last look at the coach which had brought me this far before I started down the street.

I must have walked for hours, every street I walked down was the same, street after street. houses were left with front doors open, windows and walls splashed with blood, one house had old photographs scattered outside of it, someone’s vein attempt to cling on to happer moments..

Have you ever had a feeling or a thought that you could possibly be the last living person in the country, or even the world?

That was me as I walked through this ghost town, I couldn’t get over how quiet it was, I couldn’t even hear the bird’s, the only sound I could hear was my own breathing and my footsteps as I walked up a garden path which lead to a house which didn’t look as damaged as the others.

I knocked at the door and called out in the hope that who ever lived there was still there,
But there was no answer, walking round the side I taped on the windows and made just enough noise so that if anyone was still in the house they would be able to tell that I was a human and not someone who was planning on burglary, but there was no answer.

I tried the back door which, luckily was open.
Pushing it, I let it swing open before I slowly made my way inside, still quietly calling out, saying that I was not wanting to hurt anyone and giving a running commentary of what I was doing.

The last thing I wanted was to frighten someone and end up with a kitchen knife sticking out of my chest.

I went from room to room, checking cupboards as I went, looking for food, tools and weapons as well as anyone who might be hiding, I didn’t find anyone in any of the rooms, upstairs or down and made my way back into the sitting room, taking off my backpack I sat on an old chair in front of an older looking TV set.

I lent forward and switched the TV on in the hope of finding out what was going on but there was nothing, the telly wouldn’t switch on, I checked the lights and they were out as well.

I could see the sun start to go down through the sitting room window, the sky was a beautiful orange only spoiled by patches of grey and black made by the smoke coming from the burning buildings in the distance. The streets were so very quiet with, no movement at all.

I had never felt so alone as I did at that moment.


The iChronicles. (Part 2). A Matter of Survival

I’m not sure how long I spent hiding under the bus, it seemed like forever until the mob moved on, probably to the nearest town.

At one point I thought that one of the things had seen me, it came right up to the coach I was hiding under and started to sniff, nose held high in the air.

I swear my heart was beating so hard I thought it would hear me but it must have lost interest and moved on.

About an hour or so later, I slowly pulled myself out from under the bus making sure I didn’t make a sound, the sun was starting to set and I had no idea where I was, so I thought it best to stay put until the next day. I made my way round the coach door and climbed back on board.

I quietly called out “hello?” a few times hoping that someone had stayed on board, even if it was that snot nosed kid and his downtrodden mother, but the bus was empty. I used some coats and hand luggage to make a makeshift bed under some seats, at the back of the bus.

I figured that would be the safest place to stay until the morning.

Sleep was out of the question, even if I wanted to, every noise put me on edge.

You would think the countryside would be quiet at night, it’s not, its just as noisy as the city, but the countryside has a different kind of noise, the only thing that is the same is the cry of passing foxes, I swear when I heard my first county fox screaming somewhere out in the fields, I thought the mob had came back and had caught someone, any hope I had of getting some sleep was gone.

The sun started to rise at about 4.30 in the morning.

By that time, I had already looked through most of the hand luggage on the bus, I had figured that, I don’t know, with everything that had happened yesterday, things had changed, going through the bags that everyone had left wasn’t…
I had told myself that it was a matter of survival now.

After eating some of the snacks I had found I made my way to the driver’s cab, luckily the coach driver was in that much of a hurry the day before he had left the keys in the ignition, turning the key half way I turned on the radio hoping to find a local radio station that could tell me what was going on, but there was nothing, not even the emergency broadcast message.
I turned the key all the way to start up the coach, have to admit I was relieved when the engine started first time.

Looking round one last time for any of the other passengers I put the coach into gear and pushed hard on the accelerator, the bus lunged forward and stopped as the engine died.
I tried again to get the bus moving, all the while very conscious about the amount of noise I was making, part of me wanted to just get off the bus and run.

After about the 4th time the bus started and the engine hummed quietly, I took a deep breath and one last look for any of the other passengers before I put the bus into gear and pressed down on the accelerator.
This time the bus moved away gently.

The iChronicles. (part 1). Secrets And Lies

Don’t know if anyone can hear this, hope so
If you can hear this, I understand that what I am about to tell you will be hard to believe but..

Yeah…. Something has gone wrong in a huge way,
I don’t think I will be able to say everything now, too much is going on, but I will tell you what I know so far..

It looks like the conspiracy theorists were right, they had been right all along.

Not only have the governments of our world been hiding something from us, they have been lying to us, hiding the truth and, working on their own agenda.

Our world is not what we were led to believe it to be. Many of the things that we were told are true, are not true.

Thinking about it, every now and then a movie would hit the cinema or a documentary would be shown on TV as if to condition us to what could be, preparing us… for what was, or could happen.

See, from what my contacts have told me so far is that..
Our government’s and some secret research labs had been working on creating the ultimate soldier, impervious to pain and fatigue, didn’t ask questions, just did what it was told to do.

Thing is, something went wrong and.. I don’t know.. they succeeded.

The first I knew of any of this was when I was on the coach heading back home for summer, the coach was packed full and noisy with the excited chatter of families leaving the city for their annual holiday in the countryside.

As luck would have it, I had to have some snot nosed kid sat in the seat behind me, who, after spending the first half hour of the journey arguing with his mom about why he should have been allowed to bring his tablet with him, decided to rebel against her by kicking the chair in front of him, my chair.

Now I like to think that I’m an easy going kind of guy, in my line of work, I had to be, last thing I needed was my name all over the papers I worked for, for slapping some kid across the head while on a coach trip to Scotland.

Anyway, After about an hour of my back being pummeled the kid finally gave up and I sat back in my seat and put my earbuds in.

I’m not sure but I must have fallen asleep because The next thing I know I woke up to screaming and shouting.

The bus driver had pulled the coach onto the hard shoulder of the motorway and was shouting something about looking after number one, he left the bus and vanished through a hedge by the side of the road.

In the dim light of the sunset I could see him run across an open field, and that’s when I saw them for the first time.

A group of uhh people, shit its, its stupid calling these things people but, for the sake of time and easiness, that is what Im going to call them at the moment.

[So you dont freak the shit out and leave].

Yeah, they caught the coach driver easily and… and they tore him to pieces, I could hear him screaming. And then he stopped.

It felt like ages before the quiet in the bus broke into sounds of screaming and shouting.

I grabbed my bag and got off the bus as fast as I could, everyone scattered, some people thought that they could run across the same field that the coach driver had ran across while others started to run down the road, I thought it would be better to hide under the coach and wait, for whoever or whatever these people,,, things were, to pass by me.

I remember lying behind the back wheel of the coach just out of sight, watching as the mob of… uhh

chased down the others from the coach, tearing them into pieces..

…and start.. start eating them,


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