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The iChronicles (Part 5). First Sightings.

Ok it’s about half 5 in the morning and I need to get out of here.

The zombies have been gone for about an hour or so, yeah, I might as well say it how it is, they are walking dead, Rotters, Walkers, what ever you want to call them, its been about an hour or so since I heard anything, I don’t know. Haven’t dared move, they were poking around the outside of the house for hours..

I’m going to have to make sure that they have gone before I leave the house, don’t think I will be coming back here, thinking about it, it might be an idea to keep moving, not staying in one place too long.
First things first, I need to have a look round the house to see if I can find anything of use, don’t think I will be checking out the shed though, just in case.

I want to see what the neighborhood looks like from up stairs as well.

Make sure that it is safe out there.

Ok, let’s have a look in these draws..

Sweet batteries.
Ok.. what else is there?

Ok, I managed to get some batteries and a tin opener, yeah, rich pickings.

I managed to have a look out the window, the neighborhood is in ruins, there is probably only one or two houses that look untouched, there is a built up area about a mile or so down the road to my right, looks like that’s where I’m going to be heading.

Shit, there’s one of those things out there.. shhh.
There’s another.
Ok, right, there are three of them,

Just moving down the street, or what’s left of it.

Go on, keep moving…

They’re out of sight now, that was too close.

I’m going to have a look outside, see if it’s safe for me to get out of here.

I took a good out the window before I came out and everything seems quite, the zombie things have gone,

If I can get into town, I should have a lot more places to hide until I get my things together.
It looked like it was only a Mile or so away, at least half a dozen or so blocks so I should be able to get there if I run it.

Ok, here goes nothing…

Seeing Red; The First Day of School (by Zenryhao)

Everyone loves the first day of school, right? New year, new classes, new friends. It’s a day full of potential and hope, before all the dreary depressions of reality show up to ruin all the fun.

I like the first day of school for a different reason, though. You see, I have a sort of power.

When I look at people, I can…sense a sort of aura around them. A colored outline based on how long that person has to live.

Most everyone I meet around my age is surrounded by a solid green hue, which means they have plenty of time left. A fair amount of them have a yellow-orangish tinge to their auras, which tends to mean a car crash or some other tragedy.

Anything that takes people “before their time” as they say.

The real fun is when the auras venture into the red end of the spectrum, though. Every now and again I’ll see someone who’s basically a walking stoplight.

Those are the ones who get murdered or kill themselves. It’s such a rush to see them and know their time is numbered.

With that in mind, I always get to class very early so I can scout out my classmates’ fates. The first kid who walked in was basically radiating red.

I chuckled to myself. Too damn bad, bro. But as people kept walking in, they all had the same intense glow. I finally caught a glimpse of my rose-tinted reflection in the window, but I was too stunned to move.

Our professor stepped in and locked the door, his aura a sickening shade of green.

Why 28 Days Later Is NOT A Zombie Movie

I want to change things up a little bit with this article and for a change, talk about a classic horror movie.

If you were to run a search for Best Zombie Movies on most reputable search engines, you can almost guarantee that the movie 28 days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later are going to be somewhere on that list.

This is where the internet has it soo wrong. 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later are “not” zombie movies, and this is why..

One of the earliest mentions of Zombies comes from the poem “The Legends of Gilgamesh”  written around 2100 B.C. in the Akkadian language, when Ishtar, Queen of the Nether world threatens to unleash her zombie armies on the land of the living unless the gatekeeper opens the gates to the Nether world saying..

“Gatekeeper, open your gate! Open your gate that I may enter!
If you do not open the gate to let me enter, I shall break the door, I shall wrench the lock, I shall smash the door posts, I shall force the doors.
I shall bring up the dead to consume the living, I shall make the dead outnumber the living”.

Later, in Haiti folklore we hear of voodoo priests called Bokors, these people were called upon by villagers to deal with that one annoying villager that everybody knows.

The Bokor would administer something called a Coupe deparde which is said to be a powder that you would give orally, the main ingredient is Tetrodotoxin a deadly poison which comes from the porcupine fish.

Once the poison has been given, the recipient would fall into a coma and for all intense and purposes be looked on as dead, and therefore buried.

Much later the Bokor will return to the grave and recover the body, which, no longer in a coma like state woild be totally under the control of the Bokor.

It was Haiti zombie folklore which inspired Victor Halperin when he created the first ever zombie movie in 1932 called White Zombie. Later zombie movies always followed the same pattern where the zombie was always under the control of a voodoo priest or a vampire.

That was until 1968 when George A Romero broke the mold and released “Night of the Living Dead”. This was the first movie where zombies were not under control of anyone and were basically free roaming.

OK so, up until this point, The Legends of Gilgamesh, Haiti folklore and zombie movies, all have one thing in common, and that is that the human died before being turned into a zombie.

Getting back to 28 Days Later and its sequel 28 Weeks Later, the infected were infected by the Rage Virus, they never died.

Spoiler time. if you havnt seen 28 Days Later you might want to plug your ears or Do Not Read The Following Paragraph!

In the beginning of the film 28 Days later we see a group of animal rights activists break into a laboratory where animal experimentation takes place, one of the animals that they release is infected with the Rage virus, this animal then attacks the activist who let it out of the cage, the activist goes into an epileptic type fit before going on to attack the other people in the group, this is how the Rage virus spread outside of the lab.

At no point did anybody die and because they didn’t die there is no way for the zombie virus, no matter what you call it take over the brain and turn that person into a zombie.

In 28 Weeks Later which is the sequel to 28 Days Later, someone is also heard saying that most of the infected have died out and starved to death, zombies don’t feel the need to eat, they don’t need to eat because they are Dead. The only reason zombies have the urge to bite, (if we were to go with the theory set out by Max Brooks in his book The Zombie Survival Guide) is to enable the virus to infect and take control of a new host…. and that is why 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later are Not, zombie films.

The same or a similar argument can be made about the film with the little monkey, “OutBreak” where the protagonists are infected, they are not dead.

All that being said, I will admit, 28 Days later is still in my top 10 best horror movies collection and I do still go back to watch it time and again.

I Think I Saw Death Herself One Day.

I saw death herself one day.

It was a beautiful sunny winter day.

I was riding the tram. Lost in my thoughts I was looking out of the window, the blazing sun in my eyes gave me a feeling of warmth.

After a while, I looked around inside the vehicle. My gaze was stopped immediately, as it fixated on the girl in front of me. I don’t know why but somehow she caught my attention. She was looking out of the window, lost in thought and daydreams, just like I had been before.

I felt safe that I could discreetly look at her without her noticing. There was something special about her, maybe something a little weird, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. She was pretty but also kind of mousey. She was young, maybe twenty and rather small.

Her eyes were light-green. She wore a big slouchy wool cap over her dark brown hair and her body was wrapped in layers of dark green, brown, blue, and black winter-clothes. There was a backpack sitting on her lap. She had on stockings. Her legs were… oh shit she saw me looking!

I immediately looked out of the window as if something was fascinating going on out there. After a while checked if she was still looking at me. She was! Her eyes were fixed on me! Her expression was calm, warm even. She wouldn’t let go, so I took all of my courage and looked her directly in the eyes.

We held each other gazes for a while. I was nervous at first but her eyes made me relax away. We just looked at each other without saying a word and somehow it felt natural. She started to smile. My heart skipped a beat and I smiled back.

“So how are you?“ I asked.

I would never spontaneously talk to a girl on public transport, I was much too shy. But she made me feel so relaxed and confident.

“I‘m fine thank you. And how are you?“ her voice was beautiful and gentle. “I’m fine as well thank you.“

I didn‘t know what to say after that, so we just looked at each other for a while. I was drowning in her eyes. ‘Keep the conversation going before she gets out!‘ I thought.

“So… where are you going?“ I asked clumsily. “To a funeral“ she answered. “Oh I‘m so sorry!“ I said breaking a sweat. “Don‘t be. It‘s only a small one. I’ll be ok“ she smiled again. “Okay, “ I said.

I had a feeling that I was really bad at this and I slowly started getting nervous. Her smile however calmed me right down. She made me feel so safe, so warm, so…

“What’s in the backpack?“ I asked. “My boyfriend’s head, “ she said with a smile.

I chuckled, I like weird girls. But then I noticed something: There was a dark-red fluid coming from the backpack, running down her legs, forming a little red pool on the floor. My brain kind of stood still for a second. Something about this situation just got very serious.

I looked at her face and smiled awkwardly, looking for that ‚gotcha!‘ expression. But it never came. She just smiled calmly. Was she serious? But it‘s impossible… right?

“Why do you have his head in your backpack?“ I asked. She said: “We didn’t get along anymore. We had a really good time but all good things have to end someday.“ “I see… did you kill him?“ I was kind of running on autopilot.

She looked out of the window dreamily and started petting the backpack like a cat.

“You know life is like that sometimes. We met two years ago. He picked me up from a very bad state. He made me laugh, showed me the nice things in life. He taught me to be happy again. And then… one day I saw him in bed with…“

she stopped with a lump in her throat and she squeezed her backpack so that red liquid oozed from it. Her eyes got wet. She caught herself again and continued:

“but it’s okay. I‘ve lost him but I still know how to be happy. That‘s what I learned and I don‘t need him for that anymore.“ “glad to hear that.” She smiled at me. It was heartwarming.

“I‘m gonna bury him in a park, under the tree where we had our first kiss.“ “I’m sure he would have liked that“ I replied.

Somehow the whole situation was just pleasant. I liked talking to this girl. After a moment of silently smiling at each other she said:

“I have to get out soon. Say, would you like to grab a cup of coffee sometime?“

Her question caught me off guard. I felt like a little boy. Not knowing what I should and wanted to do, I smiled and blushed. Then I looked at her. Her warm smile, her beautiful green eyes… I opened my mouth to say yes but suddenly some strange forgotten instinct kicked in and instead I asked:

”Did you love him?“.

She didn‘t reply. Her gaze became sad and serious and her smile turned into a bitter frown. A single tear rolled down her cheek. She looked at me with an unfathomable sadness and I looked back at her with all the compassion I could offer. She wiped her face dry with her sleeve, got up, and got out. I never saw her again.

To this day I tell myself that she made a joke or that she was just being weird. I could have gone on a date with her. Of course, she didn‘t kill her boyfriend… but if I‘m completely honest with myself I know…

I saw death that day and she was beautiful, a few days later these strange men knocked on my door and asked me questions about a girl that I may have seen or chatted to, I decided to say I had not. Something caught my eye, they had a symbol on their right chest that looks like a circle with 3 arrows pointing out from the sides.

Author: Just A Clover

The Shadow.

I have been in this hospital for four days and three nights now and I need to get out of here. I honestly don’t think that I can handle another night here.

There is something here, with us, in the hospital. The first time I think I saw it was on my second night, I was feeling a lot better than I was when I was first admitted.

It was a clear Autumn night and I could see for miles from my 6th floor window, it wasn’t that cold so I took advantage of the situation and spent part of the night sneakily sucking on my vape and blowing the smoke out of the open window, while watching the world go by.

That was the first time I saw it, I know better now but at first I passed it off as my imagination, I mean, c’mon it’s 2021 and stuff like this only exists in movies and on those creepy pasta sub-reddits.

I took a step back from the window and stretched, trying to clear the image from my head.

Picking up my phone, I hit the YouTube app and settled on my bed to watch the new episode of Stories after Dark by The Evil Outcast… But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shake that image from my head.

Getting up off my bed I walked back over to the window again and looked out, there it was again, at first I though it might have been a large bin bag being blown around by the wind.. but, the night was still and it’s movements were too.. planned, to, yeah, planned.

I stepped back from the window just far enough so that if anyone were to look up, I couldn’t be seen.

This thing, seemed to move from window to window, stopping for a moment as if it was watching what was going on inside, or.. I thought I was going to throw up when I realised what was going on, it was trying to figure out a way in.

Later that night, I could hear the cries of a woman in the next ward, calling out for help. Her crying went on most of the night, I think. I can remember up until about 4.30 in the morning and then I must have fell asleep..

The following day was nothing to write home about, rounds of blood tests, antibiotics being drip fed into my left arm and injections, lots of injections. Every chance I got, I was back up at he window, looking for that shadowy figure, the last thing I wanted, was to see it again but I couldn’t help myself.

The night before last I could hear the old woman in the next ward crying out for help again and again her cries went on until the early hours.

Then the following day, yesterday I overheard one of the nurses saying that Brenda (Brenda is not her real name) but Brenda was very agitated again last night to the point where she started lashing out at the other staff members who were on duty.

I didn’t sleep well at all last night, my night was full of bad dreams, nightmarish places. I woke this morning and found scratches on my arms and feet. I, I have no idea how they got there. The nurses have patched me up and have told me I need to stop going for my midnight wanders.

Then, later on this morning after the last nurse had left my room, I noticed hand prints along the side of one of the ceiling tiles, as though it had been lifted and moved out of its place.

Trust me, I know that those marks were not there yesterday, I was so bored that I counted every tile in the ceiling, then counted all the tiles which had marks or bits cut out of them to make them fit and those marks were not there.. I swear it.

It’s about 1 in the morning on my 4th night in the hospital, I don’t know if the woman in the next ward has been moved or what has happened to her, but I have not heard anything from her all night.

I tried to get some sleep earlier, I’m not sure but as soon as I started to settle I felt something light, climb onto my bed behind me and slowly move up my back towards my side.

I am sat in one of the waiting rooms at the moment, I can’t go back to that room..

I need to get out of here.

If you are in the same hospital as me, check your windows and look for hand and finger marks on your ceiling tiles.


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