Month: November 2021

My First Letter To Future Me.

Dear Future Me.

It occurred to me a few days ago that I have been on this planet for more than 50 years, that’s over half a century.

It’s just a matter of time before my memory starts to fade and I start to forget things I have done in the past, both good and bad.

With that in mind, I think it would be a good idea to start documenting my past while I have the ability to remember it.

This could be anything, happy times and bad, thoughts, ideas as well as a record of the skills and knowledge that I have at the moment.

I am wanting to do this on the internet simply because, if they’re on the internet I can’t loose them. If I were to store them on CD or DVD or in a paper journal there is a chance that they could get lost or damaged. As far as I can see, the internet is probably the safest place for them.

The idea is, I do this for me, in years to come I can look back on these and with any luck have my memory jogged, then there are members of my family and friends who can look back at them as well.

That’s it, it will be interesting to see what future me of, say, this time next year thinks.

Aliens Are Here On Earth Now.

We have already had a look at the forthcoming Zombie apocalypse and how Nostradamus prophesied it to hit us in 2021, but what about an alien invasion. What would you think if I were to tell you that there is a possibility that, aliens are not only real, but could be already here on Earth and walking freely among us on a daily basis..

So, here’s my theory.

As we know, if you were to heat up an ice cube it melts.

Ok, if you heat an ice cube, the molecules vibrate at a faster and faster rate causing the ice cubes structure to break down and turn to water.

If we continue to apply heat, the water will turn to steam and eventually vapour. At which point it becomes invisible to the human eye.

What if, there is an alien life form, here on Earth now that can vibrate at such a high rate that we can’t see it.

The Zombie and How To Kill It. Part 1

At the start of what could be a zombie infestation, one of the first things you need to realise is that, that “thing” in front of you is Not your Mom, your Aunt or your Grandma who passed away last month or a few years ago. That person is still dead.

If you are seeing news reports of zombie activity in or local to your area and that thing in front of you moves like a zombie, acts like a zombie and does not react to any of the usual stimulus that they would if they were still alive, then chances are that they are a zombie.

If they seem to have no reaction (by no reaction I mean, zero reaction at all) to pain or touch and they are grabbing at you and trying to chow down on you then yeah, you have just encountered your first zombie, Z, walker, Rottter, what ever you choose to call them. One of them is in front of you and it is looking at you as though you are an all you can eat buffet.

Now is the time to act, like it or not, you are going to have to kill this thing, if you don’t it will do everything in its power to kill you and it will not stop until either, it catches and kill you or, something else catches it’s attention.

It is said that the best way to “kill” a zombie is by killing it’s brain, this can be done a few ways.

Blunt force trauma to the head and brain, a knife or bullet to the head, either through the side/temple area of the head or through the eye socket, or by completely removing the head from the body.

This, in the early days of a zombie infestation is possibly going to be one of the hardest things you will have to do, especially of you once knew this thing as a person. Sorry, but, that person is no longer here.

As I said earlier in this post. That person is gone, what you are looking at now is a shell, an automaton, a thing that has no feelings, no memory of you and no immotional baggage at all, and it absolutely will not stop.

I know that in this post I have painted a pretty grim picture of what we are facing, but it’s best we do not sugar coat the situation. We will look more into how to mentally and physically prepare for such an event in future posts and videos.

Until then. Stay safe.


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