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The Logan Paul Tide Pod Tweet.

Before I get into what exactly happened I want to give everyone a quick update on what my plans are for my channel (assuming everything goes according to plan).
If you have been here as long as I have you might remember how I wanted to start recording my blog posts so that people can download and listen to them. Recently I have been thinking about starting the podcast I said I wanted to start months ago.At the moment I record the audio for my sitting down, talking head toe videos separately. My plan is to upload the full audio to a podcast host so that people can listen to the full length audio which had been edited down for my YouTube vlog.

I have also been toying with the idea of live streaming, unfortunately either my internet or my laptop is not strong enough to do live streams.
However, I can stream from my mobile phone, I don’t plan a set time or day to do this, instead what want to do is live stream when something happens that I feel needs to be seen and talked about either as it is happening or shortly after.

Now, onto the audio from today’s video.
On Mond hugeay 5th February 2018, the content creator Logan Paul tweeted that he would swallow a tide pod for every retweet he got. This annoyed me no end.
Giving the average age of his fan base I think that this is not the way a person who is looked up to as a roll model should behave, that and what has happened because of his actions over the last month and a half, joke tweet or not, I found this to be in very bad taste.

Anyway, that being said here is the podcast from today’s vlog.

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