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The 3.0 Update

Yesterday the groundbreaking podcasting app rolled out its 3.0 update, and what an update. Not only have the team redesigned the whole app but they have also redesigned their website. Making it even easier to create quality audio content and podcasts and get this. It is still free.
But, I can hear you thinking “What do you hate about it though Jim”?
Yep, it is an internet culture to hate and complain about every update that a website rolls out and I would be lying if I said that there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about the 3.0 update.
I don’t like the new layout for your favourite stations, for me with my fat thumbs it feels too cramped and instead of swiping left to get to the next station I am finding that I am swiping over to the page where I record my segments.

I am also not keen on how the ability to echo (retweet) a segment someone else has published has been removed. The echo feature was a great way to share the content that other stations had made and a fantastic way to discover new stations.

Then there is the long pause as I strain to think of something else that I don’t like and the heavy thud as I realise that, that’s it. There is nothing more to hate on.

The 3.0 update has opened a Pandora’s box of goodies for users. Everything from no time limit on segments, the ability to reorder the segments you have recorded before you make them into a new podcast episode, that but where your segments were deleted after 24 hours has gone, analytics and so much more, and that is just on the app update.

We can now do everything mentioned above and more one the new designed web site. Before the update we could only upload prerecorded audio and either publish it or schedule it, now we can record directly to the site just as we can with the phone app but, and this is the bit that I absolutely love about the 3.0 update is we cannot see the segments and episodes that we have scheduled and we can edit the date and time we want it to go live. No longer are we having to write down when we scheduled an episode to go live and hope we remember.

The app and the website sync seamlessly so that what ever you do on your phone, you can check and edit on your homepage and visa versa.

Finally you can view and listen to the podcast episodes created by the stations of Anchor on their website as well as via all the usual ways you would listen to your favourite podcasts.
Example, my station can be found at

Right now I count myself as so lucky to be finding and using at this point in history.

Edit: About an hour after this post was published and shared on my Twitter account made this comment.

Excellent news, which I’m positive many of the stations of Anchor will be happy about.

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