What is “The iJim Report”?

Good morning Boys, Girls and those of you of mixed or no gender, welcome to possibly the hardest post anyone will ever make on a blog, the obligatory first post. That being said, lets start at the beginning.

What is The iJim Report and why is it here?

Going way, way back to a galaxy far, far away when I got internet installed in my house for the first time I knew, almost right away that I had to

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Living Through The Beast From The East

On the night of Monday 27th February 2018 a polar vortex dubbed The Beast From The East hit the UK, you can take it from me, someone who lives on the North East coast of England that it got bloody cold and white as arctic weather made England look more like a scene from 30 Days of Night, except without the constant night, or vampires. At the time of writing this it is Tuesday night and the end of the

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The 3.0 Update

Yesterday the groundbreaking podcasting app rolled out its 3.0 update, and what an update. Not only have the team redesigned the whole app but they have also redesigned their website. Making it even easier to create quality audio content and podcasts and get this. It is still free. But, I can hear you thinking “What do you hate about it though Jim”? Yep, it is an internet culture to hate and complain about every update that a website

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Are books too old school to be cool?

Yesterday was national Book day and I got to thinking about something I noticed last year while shopping for Christmas presents for my kids was how empty the book shops and the book aisles in supermarkets were.Book Store in IndiaI can’t deny that this did disturb me just a little when you consider that the toy and gadget shops were crammed full of people but the book shop next door was almost barren, void of life except for the counter

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A Bad Childhood Is No Excuse

I have taken to writing scripts or at least notes for my videos on YouTube to stop me going off topic and so I don’t repeat myself. One of this first videos I scripted was my Bad childhood video

The original script is below, you can see how I didn’t stick 100% to it but that is ok as it acted like a framework for my video.

I have never accepted the excuse “I had

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