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Posts tagged as “The iJim Report”

Katy Perry kissed an American Idol Contestant! What Really Happened

The media has been going crazy over footage of Katy Perry kissing an Americans Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze without his permission. Screaming that this is sexual assault and abuse as they decry the #MeToo movement sweeping through the western world right now. I have to admit that the media is doing a sterling job of whipping up cries of "This is abuse" from the public

No Coat

I have read lots of blog posts and watched lots of videos on how to have a semi successful blog, a lot of said blog posts and video’s suggest posting the occasional “behind the scenes” photograph, by way of making a more personal connection between the blog author and his/her readers. With that in mind,…

12 Years a Blogger

It’s hard to believe but 12 years ago today I turned on my computer, registered with and started my first ever blog “Nosceres World”. The blog is no longer in existence but some of the posts I made back then can still be read here on I knew I had been blogging for…

What is “The iJim Report”?

Good morning Boys, Girls and those of you of mixed or no gender, welcome to possibly the hardest post anyone will ever make on a blog, the obligatory first post. That being said, lets start at the beginning. What is The iJim Report and why is it here? Going way, way back to a galaxy…