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Posts tagged as “Media”

Katy Perry kissed an American Idol Contestant! What Really Happened

The media has been going crazy over footage of Katy Perry kissing an Americans Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze without his permission. Screaming that this is sexual assault and abuse as they decry the #MeToo movement sweeping through the western world right now. I have to admit that the media is doing a sterling job of whipping up cries of "This is abuse" from the public

Why Blaming Video Games for Gun Crime is a Flawed Argument.

Why am I not in the slightest way surprised that Donald Trump and his merry men have, after an infinite amount of research came to the conclusion that the reason America and probably the rest of the world is nipple high in gun crime is because of video games and the violence involved in some games.

Are books too old school to be cool?

Yesterday was national Book day and I got to thinking about something I noticed last year while shopping for Christmas presents for my kids was how empty the book shops and the book aisles in supermarkets were.Book Store in IndiaI can’t deny that this did disturb me just a little when you consider that the…

Terminator. The Series

A couple of nights ago I watched a new series on TV. Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicles. All in all it was not too bad I suppose but I was disappointed in a few parts of it. Considering John Connor is now at school and nearly all grown up I did wonder why the terminator…

Britney Spears allowed home.

Yesterday as most of us already know Britney was allowed to leave the hospital where she has been for the past couple of weeks. In the past I have slammed her for being “Rich trash” I make no apologies for this, however I am hopping that Briteny takes this time to go home and relax…