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The 1st Holy Communion

The past few weeks has been kind of hectic as we built up to my youngest daughter’s 1st Holy Communion. Today has been extra manic as we try to get every last detail ready for her special day.

Making sure her dress is perfect, all her accessories are ready, her veil, red sash, gloves and shoes. Today we organised the flowers for her head band, tomorrow we get up at 6 in the morning

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Should I Start Uploading To YouTube Again?

Last Thursday I joined with nearly 100 parents from my town as we descended on my youngest son’s school for the annual Parent/Teacher evening. Hated and feared by kids the world over while their parents give that sly “Now I get to see what you’re like at school” grin to their young ones.

As it happened the evening went very well and even managed to throw in a few unexpected surprises.

One such surprise

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Easter Ice-Cream Desert Idea

easter, ice-cream, desert, chocolate

Easter Sunday might be a thing of the past now, but that doesn’t mean that the Easter treats should have to stop, most if not all of the Easter eggs in our shops have been reduced, some of them by more than half price. With this in mind, why not get creative and give your kids something other than another Easter egg.



We nipped out the day after Easter Sunday and bought

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