Thoughts On Dallas

This morning I had planned to get my four kids organised and off to school/college, that was until my son turned the TV on and we all watched in silence as the news showed footage of the sniper attacks on Dallas PD during a protest march raising awareness of the fact that “All Blacks Matter”. After watching what was and at the time of writing this possibly still is happening (I have turned the TV off) I couldn’t continue with

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A Bad Childhood Is No Excuse

I have taken to writing scripts or at least notes for my videos on YouTube to stop me going off topic and so I don’t repeat myself. One of this first videos I scripted was my Bad childhood video

The original script is below, you can see how I didn’t stick 100% to it but that is ok as it acted like a framework for my video.

I have never accepted the excuse “I had

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Good Bye Prop 8

I found this on Google+ this morning and just had to share it along with the comment made by the sharer. I am not going to mention the name of the guy who shared the picture because I haven’t asked him if I can.

Quote: This just makes me so happy. I know I’m a few days late to the party but I just saw this. Also, so many of my friends here in California are going crazy with joy

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Forced Gender Reassignment. Societies Hidden Shame.

A few days ago I shared a story about Maya Posch which you can see here, an Intersex from the Netherlands. It would be foolish to think that she is the only IS person in the world and she isnt, there are many more people just like Maya, all fighting the same battle, to have their gender accepted. If this is not bad enough many IS people are also having to fight against Forced gender reassignment as this email

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SOPA. How it could effect me.

As a blogger I have to admit SOPA and PIPA being passed does scare the hell out of me. Even though I live in England the powers of these bills will mean that “if” I were to make a post protesting about something or giving my point of view about something I run the risk of having my blog blocked or even stolen by the powers that be over the pond and lets face it, historically I have not been known for

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