How Vidme Closing Down Is Effecting Me

On the 1st of this month (December 2017) dropped the bombshell that it is closing down, in a blog post written by Co-founder Warren Shaeffer. you can read the full post here. Shaeffer went on to say that Vidme will be deleting all videos and accounts as of the following 15th, giving fifteen days for creators to download any videos they want to keep. How does this effect me?

At first I admit I was close to devastated

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Are books too old school to be cool?

Yesterday was national Book day and I got to thinking about something I noticed last year while shopping for Christmas presents for my kids was how empty the book shops and the book aisles in supermarkets were.Book Store in IndiaI can’t deny that this did disturb me just a little when you consider that the toy and gadget shops were crammed full of people but the book shop next door was almost barren, void of life except for the counter

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A Bad Childhood Is No Excuse

I have taken to writing scripts or at least notes for my videos on YouTube to stop me going off topic and so I don’t repeat myself. One of this first videos I scripted was my Bad childhood video

The original script is below, you can see how I didn’t stick 100% to it but that is ok as it acted like a framework for my video.

I have never accepted the excuse “I had

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Educate and Eradicate. Making sure that this NEVER happens again.

Ever since Sam Pepper uploaded the “Fake Hand Ass Grab Prank” video many top YouTubers have been outed for abusive behaviour towards their fans and subscribers, including but not limited to sexual assault, sexual harassment, manipulation of minors, grooming, and even statutory rape and rape.During the weeks which have followed Sam Peppers video a post appeared on Tumblr listing all of the YouTubers who have been found to be active in one or more of the above as well

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Good Bye Prop 8

I found this on Google+ this morning and just had to share it along with the comment made by the sharer. I am not going to mention the name of the guy who shared the picture because I haven’t asked him if I can.

Quote: This just makes me so happy. I know I’m a few days late to the party but I just saw this. Also, so many of my friends here in California are going crazy with joy

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