Living Through The Beast From The East

On the night of Monday 27th February 2018 a polar vortex dubbed The Beast From The East hit the UK, you can take it from me, someone who lives on the North East coast of England that it got bloody cold and white as arctic weather made England look more like a scene from 30 Days of Night, except without the constant night, or vampires. At the time of writing this it is Tuesday night and the end of the

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The 3.0 Update

Yesterday the groundbreaking podcasting app rolled out its 3.0 update, and what an update. Not only have the team redesigned the whole app but they have also redesigned their website. Making it even easier to create quality audio content and podcasts and get this. It is still free. But, I can hear you thinking “What do you hate about it though Jim”? Yep, it is an internet culture to hate and complain about every update that a website

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A whole new world

It’s Monday and my kids are on holiday from school for the week, I can not remember having so many school holidays when I was a kid, but that’s another story for another time.Usually when my kids are not at school I have problems uploading anything to the internet or even getting the time to create anything, blog posts or YouTube video’s. At the time of writing this I am sat on a train with my wife and kids.

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The Logan Paul Tide Pod Tweet.

Before I get into what exactly happened I want to give everyone a quick update on what my plans are for my channel (assuming everything goes according to plan). If you have been here as long as I have you might remember how I wanted to start recording my blog posts so that people can download and listen to them. Recently I have been thinking about starting the podcast I said I wanted to start months ago.At the moment I

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What to do if a Zombie bites you

not too long ago I was posed a question, well a question was posed on Twitter. What would you do if you were bitten by a Zombie. I answered by saying that if I was bitten on the arm, hand or leg I would amputate if I had the chance. By chance this picture, showing how to perform a field amputation was posted a few days later by the same person, New Zombie (I think that they are trying to

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