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Posts tagged as “Health”

Getting Fit at 50?

This is it, this time I am going to start loosing weight, or at the very least my belly and I am going to start getting fit. Now I am not talking Jim is Ripped, though I do want to get toned, I know that there is a six pack under that flab somewhere I just need to find it.

Russian Involvement. Where`s Your Proof?

On March the 4th 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skripal were found collapsed in a shopping center in Salisbury,
Later the prime minister confirmed that they had both been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent called Novichok which means "New comer" in Russian, and refers to a string of chemical weapons which Russia developed in the 1970`s.

What to do if a Zombie bites you

not too long ago I was posed a question, well a question was posed on Twitter. What would you do if you were bitten by a Zombie. I answered by saying that if I was bitten on the arm, hand or leg I would amputate if I had the chance. By chance this picture, showing…

Thoughts On Dallas

This morning I had planned to get my four kids organised and off to school/college, that was until my son turned the TV on and we all watched in silence as the news showed footage of the sniper attacks on Dallas PD during a protest march raising awareness of the fact that “All Blacks Matter”.…

Forced Gender Reassignment. Societies Hidden Shame.

A few days ago I shared a story about Maya Posch which you can see here, an Intersex from the Netherlands. It would be foolish to think that she is the only IS person in the world and she isnt, there are many more people just like Maya, all fighting the same battle, to have their gender…