Why I voted to Leave the EU

It is 8:35 on the morning of Friday 24th june 2016, a day that will go down in history as the day after the day that the people of Britain voted to leave the EU. David Cameron has just announced that he will be stepping down as Prime Minister, advising that we will have “a new captain” to steer us as a country into the future.I should be happy as I was one of the people who voted for Britain

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Thoughts on Scottish Independence.

Do I really have to say more? Scotland should never have been ruled over by the British… Never.

Scott Olsen Hit By Gas Canister

It has been a while since I have posted anything like this. I originally heard about this on Google+ (here) and right from the off knew that this needed more publicity. What happens in this short video stands as proof of how far the Oakland police are willing to go to halt the Occupy Oakland demo`s.

from what I have read the victim Scott Olsen an Iraq war veteran is in critical condition after being hit in the head by an OPD gas canister.

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The British Injustice System

I’m not saying that I am qualified to comment on legal issues, I have not been to university, I don’t hold any degrees in Law or the Justice system, Sociology or anything like that, I just say it how “I” see it.

It seems that just about everyone and their dog has a theory as to why England has seen the worst riots since the early 1980`s this week, I personally don’t have a theory and if I’m honest

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Killer Venables Could Get £250K New Identity

Yep, just like I said yesterday the British justice system works just fine. It has just been reported on Sky News that the child killer Jon Venable will be getting “another” new identity after pleading guilty to child porn charges yesterday. It has also came to light that Venable was cautioned in 2008 after being found in the possession of a small about of cocaine, this should have ment him being jailed for breaching his licence but it seems he

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