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An Open Letter To McVities Biscuit Manufacturers

McVities Jaffa Cakes

It’s strange but I am finding myself in the same situation as Talahassee from the most excellent movie Zombieland, well except for the zombies and meeting Bill Murray.

The difference is that where Talahassee needed to find that last Twinkie I am finding more and more that I am wanting Jaffa cakes. Not any Jaffa cake but McVities Jaffa cakes.

No problem I hear you think, just go out and get

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I`m Going Dairy Free

Last year I found out that I have Ulcerative colitis, in a nutshell, the auto immune system in my gut, the system which attacks foods or substances which it deems to be a poison or a threat has decided to attack random pieces of food which are not a threat, like that bit of lettuce or that chunk of cucumber. Because of this I have to be very aware if what I eat and drink,

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It`s Time To Nut Up, Or Shut Up.

No Entry iJim

20 points if you can guess which movie the title of this post came from. I will tell you later which one in a little while.

Easter has come and gone, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake and my kids loved it, all those chocolate eggs, sweets and candies. Not forgetting The Easter Ice-Cream Desert Idea that I shared with everyone. This Easter was every kids dream come true!

It turned out

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Easter Ice-Cream Desert Idea

easter, ice-cream, desert, chocolate

Easter Sunday might be a thing of the past now, but that doesn’t mean that the Easter treats should have to stop, most if not all of the Easter eggs in our shops have been reduced, some of them by more than half price. With this in mind, why not get creative and give your kids something other than another Easter egg.



We nipped out the day after Easter Sunday and bought

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