Katy Perry kissed an American Idol Contestant! What Really Happened

The media has been going crazy over footage of Katy Perry kissing an Americans Idol contestant Benjamin Glaze without his permission. Screaming that this is sexual assault and abuse as they decry the #MeToo movement sweeping through the western world right now. I have to admit that the media is doing a sterling job of whipping up cries of “This is abuse” from the public, which we can see from this video which has been circulating the social media world

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Amy Winehouse Found Dead

It is being reported that the 27 year old singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead in her London apartment at 3:45pm this afternoon. At the moment the cause of her death is not known although the Police suspect a drugs overdose.

At the moment most of the reports coming in are concentrating on reporting her failings. I’m not. Except to say that she was a Star.

Amy Winehouse 

September 14th 1983 – July 23rd 2011

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Britney Spears Lawsuit.

Eww, late nights and early mornings do not go well together at all, and no I was not out partying, we had a bad night with our daughter who thought it would be fun not to settle until 1:00 am this morning then get up again at 3:15 to check everyone was still there and finally start her day at 6:22 am. *Yawn*

Moving on, no your eyes are not broken and no the colour in your monitor is not

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Snooker legend Alex Higgins Has Died

Yep, Alex Hurricane Higgins has died at 61 after battling with throat cancer. RiP Source

RIP Malcolm McLaren

So the guy credited with being the first to profit invent punk has died. Rest in peace Malcolm