Pope urges defence of heterosexuality

Ok Boys, Girls and those of mixed or no gender, before I go any further I make no appologies for anything that “I” say in this post. Those of you who are regulars to Nosceres World will know that I like to slam those in power or authority when they speak out of turn or say or do something which I believe is unjust to anyone or anything, and as luck would have it the head of the Catholic church in his Christmas Holy address has done just that.

Speaking in a holiday address to the Curia, the Vatican’s central administration, Benedict said yesterday the church viewed the distinction between men and women as central to human nature, and “asks that this order, set down by creation, be respected”. The church, he said, “should protect man from the destruction of himself. A sort of ecology of man was needed, he said,” adding: “The tropical forests do deserve our protection; but man, as a creature, does not deserve any less.” Benedict focused his attack on what he described as “gender” theories, “which lead towards the definitive emancipation of man from creation and the creator”.
The Catholic church teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are. It opposes gay marriage, and in October a leading Vatican official called homosexuality “a deviation, an irregularity, a wound”.
“Source”First of all, how dare he question the validity in Gods eyes of those who are not hetrosexual when the church appears regularly in the media when “His Employees” are charged with child abuse or lude and inapropriate acts against under aged children”. I have read the bible and although I can not resite the 10 commandments I dont recall a commandment stating that homosexual acts are a sin, and once again I repeat what I said just up there, “His Employees” are charged with child abuse or lude and inapropriate acts against under aged children”, taking the media coverage that the church creates when these acts are uncovered, if anything we need to question the sanctaty of the church if, as the voice of God they can not follow the scriptures them selves, saying homosexual acts are a sin when they are commiting the same homosexual act, but with a minor.

Father Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, said today that the pope had not wished specifically to attack homosexuality or sex change operations in his speech. “He was speaking more generally about gender theories which overlook the fundamental difference in creation between men and women and focus instead on the role of cultural conditioning,” he said.
No he was not this was a direct attack on everyone who is not hetrosexual.

On a different note, it is a well known fact that Pope Benedict XVI was a member of the Nazi party, though he has said he only joined because he feared for his life if he didnt join. Well Mr Benedict I believe that this shows how weak you are. For centuries people have died rather than denounce their beliefs, for gods sake even Jesus did. Yet you join a party known for its views and acts of genecide. Hang on what happened to “Thou shalt not kill”? No its ok, as a member of the church you are charged with protecting your congragation against the evils of the world but it is fine for you to go against what you preach and commit acts of homosexuality and genecide and the like as they are done in the name of God and there for justafied.

Taking all this into account, be you a Boy, a girl, be you hetrosexual, bisexual, gay, of mixed or no gender, be you Christian, Budist, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Pagan, Hindu what ever your God or Goddess is called, I want to wish everyone Good luck, good health and good fortune in your future.

Disclaimer: I need to point out that in no way was this post intended to provoke any kind of hatred or animocity against any one person or group. The words in this post are my views and may not be the views of this sites host

(Im going to Spellcheck this later as Im having PC troubles)

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