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No Coat

I have read lots of blog posts and watched lots of videos on how to have a semi successful blog, a lot of said blog posts and video’s suggest posting the occasional “behind the scenes” photograph, by way of making a more personal connection between the blog author and his/her readers.

With that in mind, here is a photo of me, outside without a coat on and I am not even cold. It’s pretty warm

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Why Blaming Video Games for Gun Crime is a Flawed Argument.

Why am I not in the slightest way surprised that Donald Trump and his merry men have, after an infinite amount of research came to the conclusion that the reason America and probably the rest of the world is nipple high in gun crime is because of video games and the violence involved in some games.

Of course the first game that came to my mind was Grand Theft Auto, or more over GTA

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What Kind Of Role Model?

There are those who will break the law under cover of the night, then there are those who break the law when you are not at home or while being very sneaky behind you while trying to pick your pockets or get into your handbag then there are some who are just down right blatant but this weekend we saw The most blatant scene of criminality that I have seen in almost two decades.


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How To Reduce The Prison Population.

Every now and then I come up with an idea that to many might be a little bit out there, a bit outside of the box so to speak. A few years ago I had one of these ideas, a surefire way to not only reducing the prison population but, a way to create employment and help local businesses at the same time.

Looking at the world we live in today there seems to

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12 Years a Blogger

It’s hard to believe but 12 years ago today I turned on my computer, registered with and started my first ever blog “Nosceres World”, later I changed its name to iJimUK. You can still see the posts I made back then can still be read “Here”

I knew I had been blogging for some time but WordPress brought it home to me today when I received a notification this morning on my WordPress app

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