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Morrisons Supermarket

Bad days. The mouse for my laptop has died, it no longer works, I plug it in and nothing happens.. Nothing.  Good days. It seems I am not the only one having technical issues. Im not sure whether the fault Morrisons Supermarket were having was a technical fault with their sign or a statement about the company its self. You know maybe it was God or fate letting everyone know what it felt about the store.

When questioned by the Hartlepool mail, our local evening paper Morrisons said they having technical problems with the sign and it will be turned off until they could resolve the matter, or change the light bulbs which have obviously blew. I went past the store a day or so back and the bulbs have now been replaced and everything was back to normal. Im not sure if it was just pure bad luck or what it was, but out of all the bulbs that could have blew and the randomness of the order they blew in that they should go out in this way. It is bad luck that 1: The Light bulbs or what ever the sign is lit with should go out in this way and 2: People should see the sign, take a picture of it and publish it for the world to see. The good news is… I shop at Asda, just down the road..

Oh and just as a foot note and totally off topic I have added a few more pictures to the gallery, in the sky section.

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