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Living Through The Beast From The East

On the night of Monday 27th February 2018 a polar vortex dubbed The Beast From The East hit the UK, you can take it from me, someone who lives on the North East coast of England that it got bloody cold and white as arctic weather made England look more like a scene from 30 Days of Night, except without the constant night, or vampires.
At the time of writing this it is Tuesday night and the end of the first day of snow. I am sat in my bedroom which is in our houses attic, the electric heater has just been switched on, I can hear the wind as it whistles around our house, whipping up the fresh snow to make new shallow drifts against the fence.
I took the video below at tendon points today when I had to go out. The first half was taken at about 9.30 this morning.

Update: It’s now the evening of day 3 of having to deal with “The Beast From The East” who earlier today brought his/her play friend Storm Emma over to play.
The town I live in has-been passing between Weather alert Red and Weather alert Amber all day. As expected most of the schools have closed due to the cold weather, bus services are at a bare minimum, imagine a Sunday service where public transport times go from say one bus every 20 minutes to one bus every 40 minutes. The service we have at the moment has been reduced to about one bus every 2-3 hours, refuse collection has been suspended and from the sounds coming from the main coast road, the emergency services have been busy as can be.
The weather reports for the next week show a steady rise in temperature and even some clear skies with a hight of 10°c by the end of next week.
Clear skies, higher temperatures and floods as the snow starts to melt.

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