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How hard can it be?

Its Friday night, I have been trying to find my daughter Stacey now for five days and I have nothing. I have tried almost everything I can think of, I have no idea how those who do Internet fraud and Identity theft get the details of the person who`s life they are planning to steal. At most all I have is the month and year she was born and that is it. I have contacted nearly all the tracing companies available and they have all said “We cant or wont help because I was not married to Staceys mother”. I know all about Data protection and the like but for gods sake all they need to do is give her my mobile number and say that I am wanting to contact her, if she does not want contact then a member of her family can call me or email me or even send me a sodding text message saying this. Even if they or she was to make up an email address so that I cant or dont get back in touch but no. At the moment my wife is trying to get through to our local radio station so I can talk to the North east of England letting everyone know that I am looking for my daughter.. Stacey Fiddes, so that her little brothers and sister can be in touch.

How hard can it be?

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