Ghost in your coffee

The news on Radio 1 today has been reporting on new research by Durham University stating that you may have a chance of hallucinations if you drink seven or more cups of coffee a day, of course when I heard this I spoke with a friend of mine at work about conducting our own test to see if this theory held water, we both agreed that throughout the day we would drink more than seven cups of coffee to see what the effects were, I think Tony must have drank the equivalent of eight cups of coffee and I drank about the same. By 3:30 we met to see how we were feeling, and the result was no difference our psychological feelings and neither of us could report any changes in our vision and no hallucinations. The Mole people and Dwarfs who attended our meeting as a 3rd party can confirm this.

When I got home, once I had done a few jobs around the house I tried to find the news report on this theory before starting to make this post, what I did find was this little gem from the website.

Coffee ‘wakes the dead’
Is there a ghost in your morning roast?

“Too much coffee can make you hallucinate and sense dead people,” says the Daily Express. This bizarre claim is based on research into 219 students who answered questionnaires on caffeine intake, hallucinations and feelings of persecution. Various other news sources have reported the study, including the Daily Mail, which says that “drinking cup after cup of coffee dramatically increases the risk of hallucinating”.

The study itself was investigating a theory that caffeine might heighten the body’s response to a hormone released during times of stress. Researchers found that caffeine intake was linked to both stress and being prone to hallucinating. When results were adjusted to discount stress levels, caffeine intake alone predicted tendencies towards hallucination. Source

I can not speak for Tony (x3r0) as he left work at about 4 this afternoon but I can honestly say after eight cups of strong black coffee I have not sensed and ghosts either. “No Nana I have not found your wedding ring in the cupboard under the sink and no I am not going to look for it, you lived about 40 miles away and anyway you have been dead for about 7 years now so some one else will be in your old house”. . “No Nana I will not tell them you said it would be OK”.

Of course with this new information coming to light from we will need to look further into this and of course our findings on this matter will be reported as soon as possible.

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