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Dad Calls For Strike Action

We did not have the best of nights sleep last night, Boo was up three times that I can remember, she was brought down stairs to settle so she didn’t disturb the rest of the family. I think I managed to get back to bed and stay there at around 3:00 this morning.

Later I was woken by the dulcet tones of our youngest son shouting at someone, might have even been no one I dont know, I came down stairs with Boo in my arms while my wife rushed to get ready for church, came into the sitting room to hear our youngest son, the shouter say, why have you not done my breakfast yet? Im starving! (I had literally just walked in the room), anyway, I let it go over my head and asked what cerealΒ  they wanted.

“Boiled eggs and toast” said the shouter, “I want bacon sandwhiches” the eldest pipes up managing to turn his zombie like gaze from the TV for a moment, “I will have bacon as well, red sauce” our 7 year old piped in.

Me: “We dont have any bacon, sorry what else what other cereal do you want?”

Eldest: “We do have bacon, its in the fridge, we had bacon yesterday so we do have some”.

So with this I go into the kitchen with Boo still in my arms and make them all Rice crispies giving each one of them their bowl of “cereal” and ignoring their complaints I wander back into the kitchen. A couple of minutes later I inform the boys that I am officially on a one day strike. I will still help make their meals and help with their homework but that is where it ends. They will not be given a choice in the matter other than to do it/eat it or face the consequences as the terms of the strike do not allow this kind of interaction. If they want anything else doing for them they do it or ask for help from one of their brothers.

Maybe this will force them to work together as a team or they will have to do without. Might even make them realize how much their parents do for them.

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