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Why you should never listen to those who say that you’re insane or mad for wanting to be your self and follow your own dreams..

A random internet dictionary defines sanity as follows..

The ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner; sound mental health. “I began to doubt my own sanity”

The problem with this is, the word “Normal”, what society deems to be normal is not necessarily, well normal behaviour.

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Should I Start Uploading To YouTube Again?

Last Thursday I joined with nearly 100 parents from my town as we descended on my youngest son’s school for the annual Parent/Teacher evening. Hated and feared by kids the world over while their parents give that sly “Now I get to see what you’re like at school” grin to their young ones.

As it happened the evening went very well and even managed to throw in a few unexpected surprises.

One such surprise

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What Does The “i” In iJim Mean?

i iJim, Apple, iJustine,

Have you ever wanted to know what the i in iJim stands for? is iJim an Apple Fanboy or is it something else?

When I first started writing a blog, all those years ago I chose the name Noscere, the latin word for “To know, learn”, I called my blog Nosceres World but the problem was, when people asked what my blog was called, I ended up having to spell out the word Noscere, or

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Not Exactly Fashionable.

I admit that I am not a fashionable person, I never have been. I dont see the point of spending £30.00 on a shirt when I could get two pairs of trousers and a shirt, and still have change from £30.00. I prefer to dress for practicality, if its warm I will wear trainers and a t-shirt, if its cold and wet, I will wear boots and a nice chunky jumper.

Yes, when the need

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Striving For Quality

Laptop with coffee

Quality over quantity. I have heard those three words so many times. Yet here I am pressing publish on my latest blog post as soon as it is finished, I have even caught myself getting up early or going to bed late just to get my post ready, finished.

I remember telling myself that I was going to publish a post at least once a week, on a Friday and if I managed to

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