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Britney Spears allowed home.

Yesterday as most of us already know Britney was allowed to leave the hospital where she has been for the past couple of weeks. In the past I have slammed her for being “Rich trash” I make no apologies for this, however I am hopping that Briteny takes this time to go home and relax with her family. No recording, no tours, nothing except time to get her self together and sort out her head. Definitely no hanging out with Paris Hilton or Lynsey Lohan who have done nothing for her except help to propagate her trashy public image.

Her new British boyfriend should understand this and not push her into coming back to the UK giving her time to relax in familiar surroundings, on the subject of Britneys boyfriend, I am not too sure about him and have a feeling he is using her and his photography skills to cash in on her fame, maybe even publish a book in the next few years showing Brittney Spears up front and personal when she was at the lowest point in her life, lets face it he could make a fortune from such a book. With luck the tabloids will let her alone to get her health and mind back in one piece….. Yeh right like that will happen….. They like nothing more than to see a celebrity fall flat on their arse.

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