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An Open Letter To McVities Biscuit Manufacturers

It’s strange but I am finding myself in the same situation as Talahassee from the most excellent movie Zombieland, well except for the zombies and meeting Bill Murray.

The difference is that where Talahassee needed to find that last Twinkie I am finding more and more that I am wanting Jaffa cakes. Not any Jaffa cake but McVities Jaffa cakes.

McVities Jaffa Cakes

No problem I hear you think, just go out and get some..

I can’t. Right now I am having problems eating anything dairy, I say eating when the eating part is easy, no problems I could do that all day, especially when it comes to Jaffa cakes. The problems start after I have eaten it. It started on Tuesday of this week, all I did was go to the shop for a tin of beans, that is when I saw them, a large packet of McVities Jaffa cakes.

I wanted to buy the packet and take them home, locking myself away so that I could eat them all of them to my self because I am a greedy pig, and because that is what you do with Jaffa cakes, they are not meant for sharing, they are meant to be eaten alone!


I didn’t buy the pack, not because I was being good and not giving in to temptation, but because I knew that if I ate just one of those chocolate and orange delicacies I would feel bloated and start to cramp up within the hour.

Which leads me to the point of this post, which, as you will know if you have listened to the audio at the top of this post is mainly for the attention of the McVities company.

Dear McVities, creators of awesome biscuits which just scream to be dunked in mugs of tea and coffee.

Why have you not created a Jaffa cake for people who are lactose intolerant? or, like me just can’t eat or drink anything dairy.

You have the rights to the McVities Jaffa cake and know all of the ingredients for the aforementioned delicacy, how hard can it be to make a dairy free base and use lactose free chocolate. I know you have the knowledge and the technology to do this. I and the tummies of millions of people with IBD, Lactose intolerant and issues with digesting dairy products are counting on you.

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