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Alone in a Crowded Room

Sometimes you have to be careful with what you say when you write a personal blog, this is one of those times, saying that I never have been one for being subtle so I will just jump right in.

Yesterday was my eldest’s Memory assembly, an assembly where the class about to leave that school shares some of their memories with the school. It is renowned for being an emotional affair with tears from both parents and teachers. Yesterday was no different. The assembly started with the children doing a little speech about their time at their school, moving on to pupils from the leaving year coming out in pairs to give a hand made card to each of the teachers they have been taught by during their time there, every teacher from reception to their current teacher. Each card had a message of some sort written by the pupils.

Once the cards had been handed out there was a Powerpoint presentation showing a photo of each kid from when they were babies, to toddler finishing with a photo of them as they are today, the picture of the children as they are now had a typed message to their parents next to it. It was at this point that the tears started because some of the messages were very personal.

It must have hit home that next Friday was their last day because some of the children started to cry as well, including my eldest. Of course this made things worse for my wife and I as this was the first time our son had cried and there was nothing we could do to help. At the end of the assembly they sang In my Life by The Beatles which finished most people off (You can click the link to hear the song). After the assembly the other classes made their way back to their rooms leaving the leaving year to talk with their parents and each other.

The children that were crying were being comforted by teachers and classmates, well most children were. There were one or two children who were left to get on with it. Our eldest was one of those left to just get on with it as each of his class mates just walked past him as though he was invisible. Even his teacher walked past him to give another child a hug, the same child that not more than a month ago attacked our son when school finished. The worst thing was that just about everybody our son went to talk  just turned and walked away from him or just ignored him, he was like a lost soul. I know that our son has had problems in the past but they have been addressed and he has matured and changed, but still his teachers and class mates seem to not want to know. so much for being a forgiving school with strong Christian values.

Later in the day my wife said that yesterday was like someone flicking a switch in her head telling her that he is better off out of that school and that the Senior school he goes to in September cant be any worse than the school he has had to put up with over the last six years. The only problem is we still have two children in that school and one more due to go there in two years time. With any luck they will be looked on better than their big brother has been.

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