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Alien Life On Earth. A Theory.

Not everything post apocalyptic has to be zombie orientated. What happens if we were to be invaded by aliens from another planet?

On that note, what would you think if I were to tell you that I believe that there is alien life on other planets?

Let me prefix this, not only do I believe that there is life on other planets but I also believe that there is a very big “possibility” that, that life could be on this planet and moving among us, freely on a daily basis.

Before you click away from my blog, I do have a theory about this.

See, things on this planet, my phone, my cup of coffee (the cup any way) are a solid. They are a solid because at a molecular level they vibrate at a very slow rate. As an example, lets take an ice-cube. An ice-cube is solid water, it is a solid because at a molecular level the water molecules are vibrating at a slow rate.

But, if we were to heat the ice-cube the molecules would start to vibrate at a faster and faster rate until they start to separate and become water again. Now, if we were to continue to heat the ice-cube the water would turn into steam as we all know, and then vapour at which point it becomes invisible to the human eye.

This is where my theory comes in.



What happens if there is an alien life form that at a molecular level, can vibrate at such a rate that it becomes invisible to the human eye?

Hows that for feeding Human Paranoia?

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