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About Me

Hi, iJim here, so you clicked the about me page which means only one thing. You want to know who or what I am. Well, where to start.
I am Jim or iJim, a full time, part time adult, gifted with disabilities which make it so that I see the world different to most people.

I have been blogging for over 12 years now (at the time of writing this) and have owned for about half that time. The iJim report is where I like to write about the world as I see it, beautiful and awe inspiring as it is, it can also be a confusing place which can overload me from time to time.  As well as the post’s I make here, I also make video blogs as well as podcast’s where I talk about the world as I see it.

At first my blog was a personal blog where I posted things about my day to day life or about things that had peeked my interest at that time, I have left some of these posts as they are memories of sorts of things I have written in the past.

Today my blog has become more of a journal for Future me and a place where I make offbeat posts about news, views and commentaries about the world as I see it as well as things that I think future me would like to remember when I look back at some of the things that has happened to me or peaked my interest, these can come in the form of a traditional blog post, a video or in the form of a podcast, sometimes all three.

Where do I see in 5 years time? To be honest I dont know, right now I am just having fun making posts.

Thanks Jim