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A whole new world

It’s Monday and my kids are on holiday from school for the week, I can not remember having so many school holidays when I was a kid, but that’s another story for another time.Usually when my kids are not at school I have problems uploading anything to the internet or even getting the time to create anything, blog posts or YouTube video’s. At the time of writing this I am sat on a train with my wife and kids.

Yet, I am not having this problem with my podcasts, well not during this half term school holiday anyway as I managed to pre-record enough podcasts to cover the next week.
I am lucky enough to be able to upload and schedule my casts so that they go live every day this week.

The bad news is that since starting to use as the host for The iJim Report I have learned a lot, from getting a better sound in the casts I upload to being more interactive with the people who listen to my station.

Making podcasts is a world of difference from making videos for YouTube and I have learned a lot already. I don’t have to rush to try and get everything I want to say inside of a field or ten minute window for fear of people clicking away because they got bored.
Podcasts are a totally different type of listening, they can be downloaded and listened to as and when, on the way to work, while driving, on a lunch break or even while in the bath. That being said, I need to learn to take my time and just have fun with what it is I plan to talk about.

I already have my podcasts ready and uploaded for this week and I do plan to implement what I have learned so far next week.

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