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12 Years a Blogger

It’s hard to believe but 12 years ago today I turned on my computer, registered with and started my first ever blog “Nosceres World”. The blog is no longer in existence but some of the posts I made back then can still be read here on

I knew I had been blogging for some time but WordPress brought it home to me today when I received a notification this morning on my WordPress app with this little beastie attached.

Who would have thought that 12 years later I would still be writing blog posts.

When I first started my blog I had no idea what I wanted to write about, all I knew is that I wanted to blog and that’s what I did, I made posts about anything and everything. As most of you know a few years later I started making video’s on YouTube for my blog, at least that was the plan, I ended up concentrating more on YouTube than I did my blog.

I recently made a return to what I consider I do best, writing blog posts. I still have my YouTube channel but this time I am using YouTube as a medium to make my blog posts better, along with my podcast account with where I record off the cuff #RealLife podcasts and my podcast with where my podcasts are more structured and planned out, all created with one thing in mind. To make my blog as enjoyable and interactive as possible.

It’s taken 12 years but I finally feel like my blogging has a purpose and a direction.

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