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The 1st Holy Communion

The past few weeks has been kind of hectic as we built up to my youngest daughter’s 1st Holy Communion. Today has been extra manic as we try to get every last detail ready for her special day.

Making sure her dress is perfect, all her accessories are ready, her veil, red sash, gloves and shoes. Today we organised the flowers for her head band, tomorrow we get up at 6 in the morning

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First time away from home

At the time of writing this it is Friday June 1st 2018. My 15 year old son has just left for a weekend camp with the Army cadets, Rifles detachment.

Quick bit of history.

I used to be in the Army cadets when I was a kid and I used to be a member or the Territorial army. The regiment I was in was the Light Infantry, when the Light Infantry was disbanded a new

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Andrew Lincoln to leave The Walking Dead in S9

Andrew Lincoln

On June 29th 2018 news broke that The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln will be leaving the show after season 9, they went on to say that there is a possibility of other people leaving as their contracts are about to end.

I admit it, I am gutted about Rick leaving the show, he is a huge character, but.. he is not the only character in the show. I am flicking

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An Open Letter To McVities Biscuit Manufacturers

McVities Jaffa Cakes

It’s strange but I am finding myself in the same situation as Talahassee from the most excellent movie Zombieland, well except for the zombies and meeting Bill Murray.

The difference is that where Talahassee needed to find that last Twinkie I am finding more and more that I am wanting Jaffa cakes. Not any Jaffa cake but McVities Jaffa cakes.

No problem I hear you think, just go out and get

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Lost in Space 2018. My Thoughts on Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith. Lost in Space 2018

Warning. This post contains spoilers from the Netflix TV show Lost in Space. If you have not finished watching Season 1, stop reading Now!

Recently I have been binge watching the remake of Lost in Space rewritten for 2018 by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. All 10 episodes from season 1 are available on Netflix as of April 13th 2018, so if the need takes you, you could

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