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How would you survive?

How would you survive?

When you hear the word “Apocalypse” or “apocalyptic, what pictures come to mind? Zombies? nuclear war? Solar flare hitting the Earth or coming too close? Although I agree that you would be right to think about any of the above, what about if the National Grid where to go down? I mean off line as in power supplies to the whole country going off line? I dont mean for just a few hours, power could

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The Survivor Goes Live

The Survivor

This week we have been building up to the official release of Episode one of the survivor Secrets and Lies.

At 8 o’clock on Friday 13th of July 2018 the first episode quietly snuck into YouTube and Earlier this week two podcasts which I like to think of as prequels hit where we met the main character Jim Carter as he prepared for his coach trip to see his family

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The Survivor Goes It Alone

The Survivor

There has been a slight change of plans with regards to Jim Carter and The Survivor series. Origionally I planned to upload The Survivor to my podcast account but think it will be better and a whole lot more fun if Jim Carter, the main character and narrator of The Survivor had his own podcast account.

We have chosen to stay with because of how easy it is to use their website

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The Survivor. Relaunched

About 25-30 years ago I had an idea for a post apocalyptic horror story involving a free-lance photo journalist who, while on his way home to Scotland for the summer, wakes up to find himself in the middle of an alien invasion.

Last year 2017 I started to write the story, but never really got it rolling out so to speak. This was until I started to write it in a first

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Do have or have I ever fine anything which I have regretted? Yes, loads of things, some of them I regret more than others, one or two I don’t even think about, if I did, I know that it would drive me up the wall and I would probably start to obsess about it.

One of those things I choose not to spend much or any time thinking about is my tattoos. If I were

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